Trujillo Laboratory Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry Independent Research Group Team Marco Trujillo                                                                                                             . Group Leader mtrujillo[at] Marco first studied Microbiology and during his Masters he analyzed the interaction between cereals and powdery mildews with enphasis on the role of reactive oxygen species. He continued working on the subject during his Ph.D. at the Gießen University in Germany. He then moved to the Sainsbury Laboratory in England where he switched to the model plant Arabidopsis to analyze the function of ubiquitin ligases during the immune respons in Ken Shirasu’s Lab. Marco then moved with Ken to RIKEN in Japan were he continued his work on the ligases. After a stop at the University of Würzburg were he started his own group, he moved to the IPB in Halle (Saale) where he is now an independent junior group leader. Giulia Furlan                                                                                                             .   PhD student gfurlan[at] Giulia studied Biology at the University of Padova in Italy. She joined our lab during her Erasmus Exchange, during which she carried out her Masters thesis. Giulia is now trying to find out how ubiquitin ligase activity is regulated. Kathrin Kowarschik                                                                                                  . Research Assitant kathrin.kowarschik[at] Kathrin will use a synthetic biology approach to unravel the molecular mechanisms of ubiquitination. Ilona Turek                                                                                                           . Postdoc iturek[at] Ilona studied the function and perception of natriuretic peptides in plants during his PhD. She will now analyse the ubiquitination activity of E3 ligase complexes.  Ooi-Kock Teh                                                                                                          .   Postdoc oteh[at] Ooi joined us after a postdoc in Sweden. He will study different cell-biological aspects of PUB24 and its substrates Gone, but not forgotten! Roman Lassig (Postdoc) Jörn Klinkenberg (Postdoc) Chil-Woo Lee  (Research Associate) Jacob Blaffert (Undergrad Student, M.Sc.) Nadine Tischer (Undergrad student, M.Sc.) Cecilia Martinez (Undergrad student, exchange student) Shilpa Kancherla (Undergrad student, , M.Sc.) Martin Stegmann (Graduate student, Ph.D.) Patrick Reuter  (Undergrad student, assistant) Andrea Waldvogel  (Undergrad Student, B.Sc.) Marco Zietz (Undergrad Student, M.Sc.) Group Pictures July 2015, Halle (Saale) October 2014, Halle (Saale) July 2014, Halle (Saale) July 2012, Halle (Saale) July 2010, Würzburg We are grateful for funding from: Info Lab Tour twitter Links Internal