Marco Trujillo - Group leader

Marco studied microbiology at the University of Los Andes in Colombia. He obtained a stipend during his Master to go to the University of Giessen, where he studied the interaction between cereals and powdery mildews fungi, which pose a serious threat to crop production. During his PhD he focused on the function of NADPH oxidases and the role of reactive oxygen species during the immune response. He then moved to the Sainsbury Laboratory in the U.K. where he switched to the model plant Arabidopsis to analyze ubiquitin signalling in Ken Shirasu’s Lab. After becoming an Alexander von Humboldt/JSPS fellow, Marco moved again overseas to the RIKEN Institute in Yokohama, Japan. He started his own group at the University of Würzburg where he became an assistant professor, and was later selected for the independent junior group leader position at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry in Halle (Saale). He currently is an interim Professor at the University of Freiburg. 

Carla Brillada - Postdoc

After her PhD at the University of Turin where she investigated the interaction between plants and herbivors, Carla moved overseas to the University of North Carolina for a Postdoc to elucidate HOmotypic fusion and vacuolar Protein Sorting (HOPS) tethering complex in Arabidopsis. In her current project, she is studying intersection points between ubiquitin signalling and different proteolytic systems.

Bushra Saeed - Postdoc

Bushra did her PhD at the University of Delhi were she identified and analysed stress-responsive Lectins in mulberries. She was awarded the SERB Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2018 to investigate ubiquitin signalling involved in vesicle trafficking.

Huiyan Chen - PhD student

After studying in Bonn how plants defend themself against nematodes, Huiyan will study how the secretory activity mediated by the exocyst complex is regulated.

Moritz Nautscher - Masters student

Moritz is analysing the different connections between the secretory pathway and autophagy.

Katy Dunning - Exchange student

Katy is joining us from Jacqui Monoghan's Lab from the Queen's University in Kingston Canada. She will be exploring aspects related to ubiquitin signalling during immunity.

Carmen Schubert – Technician

 Carmen supports our research and has a green-thumb that she uses to keep our plants happy and knows how to do magic with maxi-preps.

Almuni – Gone but not forgotten!

Kathrin Kowarschik (Technician)

Ilona Turek (Postdoc)

Giulia Furlan (PhD Student)

Ooi-Kock Teh (Postdoc)

Roman Lassig (Postdoc)

Jörn Klinkenberg (Postdoc)

Filip Pekovic (Undergrad Student)

Marco Zietz (Undergrad Student, M.Sc.)

Chil-Woo Lee  (Research Associate)

Martin Stegmann (PhD Student)

Jacob Blaffert (Undergrad Student, M.Sc.)

Nadine Tischer (Undergrad student, M.Sc.)

Cecilia Martinez (Undergrad student, exchange student)

Shilpa Kancherla (Undergrad student, , M.Sc.)

Patrick Reuter  (Undergrad student, assistant)

Andrea Waldvogel  (Undergrad Student, B.Sc.)