Trujillo Laboratory Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry Independent Research Group Welcome to the website of the Trujillo laboratory at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry. We are a plant research  group interested in ubiquitination and its roles in plant immunity.   The molecular machinery that mediates ubiquitination offers great  possibilities for the improvement of crop plants. It is of particular importance  to widen our understanding of the ubiquitination process and to identify the  proteins targetted by this machinery.   The value of the world's agriculture is more than three times that of the entire  pharmaceutical industry and many more people die each year of hunger and  malnutrition replica watches than from cancer. In the  face of climate change and a growing  world population, it is imperative to to  gain insight into how plants cope with  stresses, in order to guarantee food  supply and develop environmetally  friendly agricultural practices.  We combine several approaches  including reverse genetics, cell-biology  and biochemical methods to analyze  the components of the ubiquitination  process and to identify and  characterize target proteins. Our work  is mainly performed using the model  plant Arabidopsis thaliana and to study  the immune response in plants we  employ several plant pathogens, e.g.  the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas  syringe or the oomycete  Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis.  Info Lab Tour twitter Links Internal