Join the Team!

We are always looking for motivated people who are passionate about science. We encourage those interested in joining our group to study our published and ongoing work. Undergraduate students interested in carrying out an internship can contact me at to discuss potential projects.

We are also happy to discuss alternative funding options for graduate students who would like to do a PhD, orĀ  postdoctoral scientists, interested in joining.

Available positions:

PhD and Postdoc Position on two projects (download). The successful candidates will work on exciting projects that investigate different aspects of plant proteostasis:

  • Project 1: Development of Targeted Protein Degradation technologies and the development of PROTACs for plants (two years)
  • Project 2. Investigate mechanisms of ubiquitination-mediated regulation of endocytosis during the immune response (three years)

The position will be a fantastic opportunity for candidates to broaden their skillset by working in a multidisciplinary lab using state-of-the-art technologies combining protein Biochemistry and cell biology. Coupled with this exciting area of biological focus, the project will provide excellent opportunity for career development with mentoring support to reach career aspirations and with generous consumable support.